The POA consists of Akela Cove, Peninsula, Yorktown, The Highlands, Barrington Place, Lowe’s Foods shopping center, the retail stores behind Lowe’s, the Daycare Center, CVS, The Rush and stores in that area, and Crown Lake Apartments. The POA is responsible for the upkeep of the sign(s) at Piedmont and Wendover, landscaping along Piedmont Parkway, and the upkeep of the ponds and dams in between our neighborhood, and the Crown Lake Apartments.

If your email has not been included in our records or you have a change in your contact information: please add it using the Registration form. The HOA sends emails with meeting announcements, events, and for relevant alerts regarding our neighborhood such as weather, or trash pickup delays, etc.

Fixing up your house or property?
Don’t forget to get the proper permits from High Point, and inform the Akela Architectural Committee using forms found on the Documents page.

Energy Credits:
With the age of our homes, there may be some replacement of A/C or heat pumps coming. Did you know that there are federal and state tax credits available, up to $1500!? Also, Duke energy has rebates available. The systems must meet minimum efficiency ratings. Many of the installers do NOT know the requirements. You might be able to upgrade to a more efficient system for a few hundred dollars more, and get back thousands from the tax credits. And, you will have a more efficient system, saving you operating costs, and adding value to your home. Check out this website: DSIREUSA.

Walking your dog?
Please remember to always clean up after your dog.

Traffic Issues:
There have been complaints of speeding (and the offenders “flipping off” a resident!). Please remember, and remind other family members, that the speed limit is 25MPH. Thanks. We have had a request for a 4 way stop at James Crossing and Camp Ranger. We need homeowner input. Remember to stop at the stop signs (especially at the Penninsula Rd intersection) A personal injury, or ticket, is not what you want or need.

Please be courteous, and use your driveways or garages to park your cars. If you need to park temporarily on the street, please park your vehicle close to the curb, and preferably not across from a driveway, where it can get backed into. High Point laws say they can stay in the same place no more than 24 hours.

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